Small finance banks bridge the gap between the financial sectors

The Reserve Bank of India planned to open new banks apart from the conventional banks. They planned to start a cooperative bank, small finance banks and etc to fulfill the needs of the increasing population in the country. In 2007 the Capital Local Area Bank, which had its headquarters at Jalandar had forty seven branches […]

Indian parliament passes new bankruptcy law

The Rajya Sabha passed the insolvency and bankruptcy bill which will clear the path for banks struggling with debt recovery from insolvent companies.India has a very slow process in recovery due to prolonged legal battles which weigh down heavily on Indian Banking system. Unlike this the new law will allow banks to recover their dues […]

India’s latest intellectual property rights policy

India introduced new intellectual property policy to speed up online registration of patents and trademarks. Patent policy remains same despite pressure from the United States and other western countries. The department of Industrial promotion and Policy will be in charge of regulating intellectual property rights in India. After Prime Minister Narendra Modi took office in […]

Imminent growth of NBFCS in the country

The Non-Financial Companies have the ability to fulfill the demands of the entrepreneurs of the nation, and it is a personification of innovative and they entered into the micro finance and infrastructure financing. The NBFCS are the informal firms that have responded positively to the risk management, developing for a non-official entity to a well […]

Age old finance firm gets the most trusted award

TRA (Trust Research Advisory) is a syndicated research of a brand trust and attractiveness which generates more data points every year and sixteen thousand brands over ten thousand hours of fieldwork in sixteen cities in India. The research studies trust attributes and preferences of brand influencers and list the most trusted brands in India. The […]

There is an upsurge against corruption in India

Raghuram Rajan is the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India; he spoke about the taxation system and corruption issues in the country.The interviewer asked the Governor whether corruption is still a bigger problem in the country; he said that the problems caused by corruption have reduced. He said that the developed countries should take […]

Government should clarify the norms of the revised treaty

April 1st, 2017 is the cut- off date for the revision of the India –Mauritius tax protocol, and it will impact the foreign investors.Portfolio managers, foreign institutional investors and private equity houses are not sure whether they have to pay taxes, because of the changes that take place in the tax protocol between India and […]

E-commerce industry troubles: taxation, internet connectivity

E-commerce in India is still in a nascent stage, most of the companies are suffering from lack of proper internet connectivity and taxation issues. Indian financial system is long plagued by complex tax structure, double taxation and high corporate tax which have hampered the growth of companies.When the country has still issues related to the […]

Professional tax deadline July 31st

Professional tax is subject on those who earn income by a profession, trade or employment. The profession or employment can be anything from accountancy to doctor or lawyer. This tax is paid by the employer for salaried class. It is levied by the state government and the percentage is subject to variation from one state […]

Foreign investors might think before stepping into India

The Managing Partner of Karma Capital, Nandita Parker in an interview with CNBC-TV18 said that the absence of clarity in GAAR and the p-notes will be impending for the market from growing further. She also said that the government should take steps to remove the difficulties in tax operation and inline them to international standards. […]