Why SMS is the Cornerstone of Any Successful Mobile Marketing Campaign

SMS: The Urgency of NowWhen you are attempting to get a message across, it can only be effective if you suit your means of communication with the listener. You wouldn’t attempt to converse with a Spanish speaker in conversational Hindi, and you shouldn’t be attempting a modern-day marketing campaign without utilizing one of the most […]

How to Affordably Market Your New Business

 Building momentum from a resting position is always the process that requires the largest energy expenditure. The same concept is true for business. When starting a new company, figuring out how to build your client base with limited resources is the biggest challenge and could include the riskiest decisions your business will have to make. […]

What Wonder Woman Can Teach Us About Business

Wonder Woman, the Amazonian demigoddess, is not only a symbol of inspiring womanhood and equality, but an apt example of what it means to be a strong and decisive leader. Fairness, justice and strength in the face of adversity are superhero qualities that we can all embody in our personal and professional lives.When the character […]