Tips for Launching a New Business in an Unfamiliar Industry

Are you thinking of breaking into a new, unfamiliar industry? Are you looking to change your path, but you’re wary of how your inexperience may hinder your success? Do you have people telling you, “but you know nothing about working with ____!” Changing course in life and trying your hand in an industry you “know […]

Why SMS is the Cornerstone of Any Successful Mobile Marketing Campaign

SMS: The Urgency of NowWhen you are attempting to get a message across, it can only be effective if you suit your means of communication with the listener. You wouldn’t attempt to converse with a Spanish speaker in conversational Hindi, and you shouldn’t be attempting a modern-day marketing campaign without utilizing one of the most […]

How to Affordably Market Your New Business

 Building momentum from a resting position is always the process that requires the largest energy expenditure. The same concept is true for business. When starting a new company, figuring out how to build your client base with limited resources is the biggest challenge and could include the riskiest decisions your business will have to make. […]

What Wonder Woman Can Teach Us About Business

Wonder Woman, the Amazonian demigoddess, is not only a symbol of inspiring womanhood and equality, but an apt example of what it means to be a strong and decisive leader. Fairness, justice and strength in the face of adversity are superhero qualities that we can all embody in our personal and professional lives.When the character […]