India has undergone a sea of change in taxation. In the early 1990s India opened its economy for foreign investment and liberalization of economy began. Since then the income of the nation has been increasing and various tax reforms started to come into effect to increase government revenue.Here are some of the interesting facts regarding tax regime of India:

1. Among 120 crore Indians only 4 percent paid taxes (5.1 crore) in the financial year 2015-16.
2. The state of Maharashtra and Delhi alone account for 53 percent of Indian tax revenue. Taking into account of all the previous financial years.
3. There are 10 lakh people in India who pay taxes more than INR 10 lakh
4. 85 percent tax payers pay less 1.5 lakh per annum as taxes
5. Only three Indians pay more than 100 crore a year as income tax.
6. On an average only 20,000 people pay more than a crore as income tax.
7. Over 2,700 entities have declared more than 1 crore as agricultural income, which is exempt from tax.
8. The number of tax payers increased to 5.17 crore from the previous year
9. The top 5 states in terms of increase in tax collections are Sikkim, Mizoram, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh and Nagaland.
10. Around 54 percent (1.7 crore) of people who filled tax had zero tax liability. That is they paid no taxes.
These data show how poor the tax implementation is and how small the tax net is in the country. The government is trying to increase the implementation by making PAN details mandatory for high value transactions and eliminating duplicate PAN numbers.