The deadline for filing tax this year is July 31st. But most of us keep procrastinating and rush in the last minute. To all those final hour working people. Here are the forms that should be ready with:Form 16 and Form 16A:Form 16 is for declaring the basic information regarding income earned and tax deducted during the year. If you work for more than one organization or entity you should collect Form 16 from each one of them.Form 16A is for tax deducted at source (TDS) and is issued by banks over interest gained through deposits, capital gains for NRIs etc. If you earn any professional income or commission, you should obtain TDS certificate.Form 26 ASThis form is filled up with details of your high value transactions, income from all sources and tax deductions.

Income tax department scrutinizes this from along with income tax return for any discrepancies. While the filling the forms make sure you match the details.Bank statements from all bank accounts Fill in the details of all transactions carried out during the financial year such as income earned, interest gained over deposits, expenses etc. Home and education loan interest certificates To claim deduction in taxes, collect all the certificates regarding the loan amount and interest from the lender. Investments If you have missed to submit the proof of any investments or savings made by you during the current financial year to your employer you can still file it separately. To avoid last minute rush try to do complete these procedures soon.