Wonder Woman, the Amazonian demigoddess, is not only a symbol of inspiring womanhood and equality, but an apt example of what it means to be a strong and decisive leader. Fairness, justice and strength in the face of adversity are superhero qualities that we can all embody in our personal and professional lives.When the character was created in 1941, the world was a different place. And if we can envision ourselves in that time and register just how monumental of a shift her presence indicated, we can all easily find inspiration and a renewed sense of empowerment.

Even after accomplishing the feat of her very inception as a female superhero in a male dominated genre, there were still many battles to be fought. Not just with her typical super villainous foes, but against concepts devoid of a physical embodiment. Concepts with no weak points, no Achilles heel.

This is the truth of the battles still being fought today by the likes of Wonder Woman and her modern successors: the battle for equality, fairness and justice.

Let us all heed the lessons learned, and let us all acknowledge the ongoing struggle of Wonder Woman. And let us learn how to embody that spirit.

Don’t be afraid of being the first to take on a new challenge.

Wonder Woman was a pioneer, a trailblazer on par with the likes of the first suffragettes. The odds being stacked against these women did nothing to deter their spirit. They fought for what they knew was right and just, despite any and every difficulty that presented itself.

Learn from this; that even though you may be squaring up with a task that towers over you, that’s no reason you can’t rise up, adapt to the challenge and ultimately overcome.

We’ve all been in that situation when, in a crowd of people, everyone knows something must be done, something must be said, but everyone is afraid to be the first to speak up or to act. Everyone merely looks around, waiting for someone else to react.

We must be the catalyst of change. In business and in life. Be the first to take a step forward, and address what needs to be addressed. In the business world, this leads to a massive advantage. The first person off the blocks in a race is always in the best position for the rest of the race.



We must adapt with each passing second, sometimes changing in big ways.

Wonder Woman was not only the impetus of change, but she was always willing to adapt to external developments, modifying her approach or her role in any situation to best tackle the problem at hand. This is a vital quality of anyone fighting their way through capitalism’s ebbing and flowing tides.

Staying stagnant and flat-footed is not any way to fight off enemies, nor is it an effective way to steer your business. Sometimes the movement and changes required of us amount to nothing more than a small pivot. Though, while those small pivots make up a majority of our movements, they are not all that is necessary in the fast-paced world of business.

Complete overhauls of our approach are sometimes necessary and we must respond to the demand, lest we miss the opportunity. Wonder Woman’s appearance and her role in the Justice League is anything but static.

Her constant adaptation and re-invention has seen her through nearly eight decades as a symbol of justice, fairness and empowerment for young women and people everywhere.

Never forget your past weaknesses and shortfalls.

Wonder Woman’s Bracelets of Submission, which she uses to deflect oncoming bullets and absorb the impact of a fall, have a history that is less than inspiring. The Amazons of Paradise Island (Wonder Woman’s origins) wore these bracelets as a symbol of submission and as a reminder of their past subjugation.

Her bracelets used to represent suffering, but as a superhero, she co-opted her own symbol of servitude and began to utilize it as one of her many advantages. She used what once represented the bondage of her people as a tool for betterment. A symbol and an apparatus for fighting off evil.

In business, we all have our drawbacks and our pitfalls, but when we survive them and soldier on, these very things holding us back turn into lessons we’ve learned. What were once our shortcomings we turn into strengths.

We learn to avoid making the same mistakes twice, so what we’ve done wrong in the past becomes something we refuse to do wrong again in the future.

As a business owner, it’s impossible to avoid making those mistakes. Though, once we’ve made our fair share of errors, we adapt. We evolve into versions of ourselves that make fewer missteps and more advancements. Our progress becomes exponential, and our problematic behavior regresses.

Acknowledge and foster strength in others.

A great boss and a great colleague is generous with their honest praise and selfless in sharing due credit. Wonder Woman is and never was one to steal the thunder or hog the acclaim.

In business, it’s important to acknowledge those that do great work. Forging great working relationships isn’t only vital to networking, but it promotes trust among those with whom you do business.

When people think fondly of you, when they know you are honest and thankful, it encourages reciprocity.

Villains embody selfishness and turn the weaknesses of others into a weapon for their gain. Villains will use their positions of power to acquire only more power, oftentimes at the expense of those around them.

Wonder Woman fought against inequity and willingly shared her praise. She acknowledged the parts played by those who fought with her, she did not clamor for glory and the thanks of the people.

When teams can work together in trust, knowing their work is not only going to serve them but those who work with them, people are more inclined to be open with their ideas. They can recognize the greater good that the collective works toward.

When honesty and due credit is your way, people will feel open to sharing and collaborating, fostering growth and bettering all involved.