SMS: The Urgency of NowWhen you are attempting to get a message across, it can only be effective if you suit your means of communication with the listener. You wouldn’t attempt to converse with a Spanish speaker in conversational Hindi, and you shouldn’t be attempting a modern-day marketing campaign without utilizing one of the most widely-used forms of communication.

The importance of SMS in present day marketing should be a no-brainer.

A fact to which we can all attest; text messages have consumed our modern conversation. How many times have you been speaking with someone, when in the middle of a sentence their SMS tone sounds and they immediately drop your conversation to check their incoming message?

The world’s reliance on SMS as a preferred method of communication should be a green light for everyone involved in a mobile marketing campaign. It is one method that lets you reach directly into your customer’s pocket and communicate with them on a level they almost can’t ignore.

The lack of spam filter coupled with the personalization that receiving text messages has for the consumer is a match made in heaven for any marketing professional.

It seems everyone from the pre-pubescent to the elderly are communicating through text message. From a marketing standpoint, it’s where we want to be.

SMS is the quickest, most direct way to reach your customer.

When 95% of adults own cell phones (and 77% of them are smartphone users)1, SMS marketing is the clear choice to reach the largest audience. The immediacy of the text message, between crafting and sending the message and your customer receiving and viewing it, is a huge benefit to marketers.

This easily allows for flash sales for those with online and/or brick and mortar businesses. Within minutes of sending a message, online businesses see their sales spike as customers rush in to grab the deal while supplies last.

The results of your campaign can be gauged almost immediately.

Eliminating the waiting period from the equation and instantaneously translating into sales, your campaign gets you results faster than any other form of marketing. It also drastically cuts down on the production cost for any business that engages in SMS marketing.

In a local or online market, this will allow for multiple campaigns to be planned and executed, where once any single campaign could take days or even weeks to materialize.

The contact-to-sale turnaround is practically nonexistent.

With the computing power and mobile data plans of the modern smartphone, customers can receive your offer and within a few clicks, capitalize on it. Providing links in SMS marketing campaigns allows your customer to hop right into buying mode as soon as they receive your message.

The use of mobile data doesn’t even require an internet connection for your SMS campaign to bear fruit. Users can browse the internet anywhere their data plan is active, making SMS marketing all the more effective.

Low cost, high yield.

For all the aforementioned benefits, perhaps the most enticing is SMS marketing’s extremely low cost. Given the amount of people you can reach, the fact that text messages cost virtually nothing to send simply adds to the laundry list of up sides.

If you have a cell plan, you’ll know that most carriers offer free, unlimited messaging. Acquiring the contact information for your desired demographic might be your biggest hurdle to clear.

SMS marketing is proven effective.

The effectiveness of SMS marketing is well-documented. This could be due to the fact that it’s most customers’ preferred method for consuming advertising. In 2013, Millward Brown Digital found that 59% of survey respondents said they would rather receive SMS and push marketing over other forms of digital advertising, such as video spots, banner ads, and email offers.

Customers’ preference for SMS marketing should speak volumes about its efficacy. When those who are receiving your offers view the information as less of an intrusion or annoyance, they will be more open to the message you’re trying to convey.

SMS marketing is user friendly and environmentally responsible.2

It’s no secret that everyone is trying to reduce their carbon footprint, and with good reason. When customers receive endless form letter junk mail day in and day out, they are more likely to be put off from doing business with the company attempting to correspond with them.

Not to mention those same letters are rarely opened nor considered with any degree of seriousness.

SMS marketing offers customers a simple, straightforward message, it offers advertisers an effective platform to reach their customer base, and it affords the world a safer, better way for businesses to reach consumers responsibly.

The days of wasting ink and endless sheets of paper should have been phased out long ago, and SMS marketing is the best possible alternative for everyone involved.

SMS opt-in service is enticing for customers and helpful to marketers.

Offering opt-in service through SMS is an easy way to gain subscribers. With a short string of numbers and a word or two, customers can sign up for alerts and mailing lists in the blink of an eye.

On the flip side, customers can easily opt-out of campaigns they don’t want to be a part of with a simple, one word text. This could potentially increase the amount of customers willing to subscribe to any given marketing campaign, as well as offering you the opportunity to reach only those customers with an interest in your product.

Trimming down your subscriber list to only those with an honest interest could save you time and money. Giving the customer simple commands with which to reply to an SMS is beneficial and easy for all involved.



All-in-all, SMS marketing campaigns are a win-win for the customer and the advertiser. The increased consumer interaction with the messages they receive, helps them connect with the campaign in a way other forms of communication cannot achieve.

An offer received through their SMS inbox is far more likely to be opened and read compared with email campaigns or the outdated snail mail form letter.

The cost-effective SMS marketing campaign has a high rate of success and is the customer-preferred medium for marketing consumption. With a cell phone in nearly every pocket and a spam filter on every e-mail account, SMS is the way for advertisers to best craft their messages and reach their customers.

Doug Jacke is Managing Director for North American Operations for Algoritz Technologies. He has over twenty years of marketing and a decade of digital marketing experience.